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Another project Trying a restoration

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   This is another project I have been thinking on for 40 or so years.  It is a old 12 gauge shotgun that I first received in parts in a box. Back in the mid 70’s I did hunt small game with it.

  So since the forum had a upgrade I am now having problems posting pictures. Darryl told me to remove the Img on the end of the photo. It worked. Now I can only remove the img on the end. When I attempt the one on the right it skips to the end.


[]https://i.imgur.com/xvaRhEFl.jpg       8Y6XJ6ml.jpg

   So subject had a lot of dust and rust from my own negligence. I will also show one of my mishandling of this gun. It happened by accident ,sorta.


   Help need on picture posting.

Vern in a T-shirt 


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   Well first of all my computer has been doing odd things since the recent updates on the forum. Today it will not let me type on the picture page.


  So this gun was most likely made before 1900, but it does use 12 gauge shotgun shells. In this picture the oil soaked stock is being treated with whiting compound. I am using plaster of Paris mixed with mineral spirits, then applied on the wood gun stock. The mineral spirits dissolve the old oil, then the whiting material absorbs the old oil. Today I applied a second coat. It may take 5 or so applications to get some black colored oil completely out of the wood.

 The old barrels were terribly neglected by me. Yep I did it.

 Now back in the seventies when I was hunting with this shotgun. I did use black powder cartridges that I hand loaded.   Well one day I was hunting at friends at his farm. We had to feed some livestock, so I leaned the shotgun up against a tractor.

 We were busy doing stuff and he stepped out and I heard his tractor start. I ran out and my shotgun was on the ground. So I taped it together and continued to use it with a cracked stock.  So I will need to repair that (stupidity) thing I created. 

  The parts will be displayed in a few days.

   Vern in a T-shirt 

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  So this is a thought I had back in the1970s. Remember Jeremiah Johnson, well when he was first sorta starving and was trying to catch fish in the stream by hand. There was a Indian rode up tp him and just looked. That Indian was carrying a double barrel. Left side a riffle and right side was a shotgun. So I ordered a Douglas barrel and had it chambered for a 45/70.  Yep, it has taken this long to get to another of my projects. So now if I could just stuff that 45/70 into that 12 gauge???


 What really need is help on this computer crap. Now after I post a picture there is a blue border around the outside of the posting box. I cannot type in the box?


  Help,   Vern in a T-shirt 

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Test for Vern.UvOmvpWl.jpg%5B

Not sure, Vern. The only thing I can think of, you might be ending up with your cursor on the right hand side of the pic. If this is the case, hit the "Enter" or Return key to get below the pic.

In the above post, I typed the text above the pic, then added the picture, then entered the text below.


Cool project.

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N4YVQbql.jpgWell I tried to edit a upper post and I could post a picture there.


  So I said I did a bad thing at that tractor episode. Well here is a picture of said subject. I will attempt a repair. There some other history you will see on the gun stock later. I feel I should be let show. I will try to hide as much as possible ,but it will be what it is.


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That may take more bad words than I want to use. But that could be a option    

   I have few old tricks I am going to try first. The first thing is to see how the wood looks after the whiting process is completed. It is easy to do. Just time consuming. So will be working on the misc other parts for now. The one  thing I am not sure is what sights I should I use. And where should they be located. Maybe jus tape a few different ones on to see how they work.


 Now on cutting out a new stock one would need to make it sorta look original. That takes some thinking also. The other day a friend stoped by with a 10 gauge Damascus barreled Colt shotgun. I never remember seeing one of those in person. But I probably did at the Cody gun museum in Cody Wyoming.

  After I looked at it he said the stock was refinished. It sorta looked like it was not the original stock. I did not say anything to him of my thoughts.


     Vern In a T-shirt 


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  Just to let everyone know what is happening on this project. On Tuesday I decided that the ice I was standing on needed to be fallen on. That is the best thinking I can think of.

  So after my fall i grove 85 miles home in my Jeep with a stick shift. Then I could not walk.

  So Wednesday I visited the doctor. Nothing broken, but real painnnn in the assss.

  So today I am testing my speed to go to the potty and back to my chair. 17’ feet round trip while using a walker. I am counting the square tiles in the bathroom area for speed and timing this event.  Speed has doubled since my first timing at 3:30 am.

  Steps are a limiting factor as they 4 legged drive. Maybe 1 minute a step. And it snowed outside. So the shop is probably out of limits for a week or two.


  Yep ,  -hit happens?


  Vern in a T-shirt 

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  So today I am going to waddle over to the shop. I did ask for a clear path that a walker will fit through. I am planning on cleaning the whiting compound off. Take a look at what it is looking like. Probably put another coat of whiting compound on. As I visit the eye doc tomorrow for a shot in each eye for macular degeneration. Then visit the buttt doctor for my stupidity fall. I am feeling much better.

  I may get to my work bench today to do some minor work on the shotgun parts. I need to look at making the shell extractor fit a 45/70 case. Possibly use a metal washer and cut a piece to fit.  Then solder it onto the shotgun shell extractor.


  Vern in repair at the moment 

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  Well it is about time for me to get going again. I did the whiting process again a few days ago. I hope I can waddle over there today.

  There is some stain that does not want to come out. It is dark grey. But it looks better than before. I may clean it with lacquer thinner today to remove the mineral spirits.


  Then I need to assemble the stock on the receiver to make sure everything is lined up. Then Put a barrier between the wood and the metal to keep epoxy from glueing all together.

  Maybe glue my hip while i am at it.  Just kidding. I am frustrated that I lost the time to sitting., but I am now trying to ween of the crutches. I did think of using the crutches to hold up targets. So it is not all lost.


   Vern in a T-shirt 

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  Today I visited the shop and was taking a good look at the stock.  I really do not what cut a new stock for this gun. This stock has a lot of history showing so I am going to use a old rv repairman trick. I think I can make it work. It’s just going to take some thinking to hide my 40 year old mistake of leaning it on a tractor.


  Vern in a 

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  Well my computer is confusing again.


  But my left leg has thrown out the crutches and using a cane some. So I am feeling much better.

.I decided to try and repair this stock, or a least give it a try. So i epoxied the broken piece back in place. Also epoxied the cracks that I could find. The big crack that is exposed will not go back together. I tried  to get it apart also. But it was tight. I do believe it is my fault as it happened with the tractor incident.

  So I am going to try to hide the crack. As much as possible. With the epoxy I need to do a section and then leave it set so the liquid will run into the crack as much as possible. With covering it then it will cure much more evenly. Now I am hoping to hide this missssstake of mine. There is other history on the stock that I am trying to hide also. Or as much as possible. But history is interesting so some may still be there when I am done.

  If this does not work, then I still have cold weather time to cut a new stock if need be.


   Stay safe,   Vern in a T-shirt 

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