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The ins and outs of Starlink: Internet from the sky

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"This Ask Me Anything" Reddit had lots more details and hotlinks in the article for more.


"A recent Reddit ask-me-anything revealed more about the increasingly popular Starlink near-Earth orbit internet provider service.

It's no wonder a recent Satellite Internet survey found that 36% of people surveyed said poor internet access was keeping them from moving to the country. As Alexandre Menard, a leader of the McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity, told CNET's Eric Mack, "You have still 10% to to 20% of the population, even in developed markets … that have an average DSL or bad 3G connection, and therefore doing video or doing higher-requirement usage is a challenge." Working from home is only a dream for tens of millions, but the answer to their internet prayers may lie in the skies above them -- with SpaceX Starlink satellites."

Much More in the full article here:


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I am SO looking forward to giving Elon my money for this!

If you watched last night's (11/24/20) SpaceX Starlink launch, you probably saw the discussion of Starlink's current beta testing coverage. It appears that the geofence is because there is actually a 'patchwork' of coverage and if you move X miles down the road, your signal may drop out due to the low satellite count as it stands now. Obviously this isnt a prob once more sats are in place.

Here's a bit of a interesting blurb on how the ground receiver works:


The Starlink team also explained how the dish locates satellites. "[The dish] is able to electronically scan the sky in a matter of milliseconds and lock into the satellite overhead, even though it's traveling 17,500 mph overhead," DishyMcFlatface answered. "When it detects a satellite, the Starlink hones in on its position and makes a request to join the internet. After that, the dish is able to download a schedule of which satellites to talk to next, and with that it can point right at the satellites when the time comes."   https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-100th-falcon-9-rocket-launch

LOTS more stats and information on SpaceX at that link as well.


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I don't know that but they did say from before the first launch that they are starting in the Northern tier states first and then working their way down and around the world.

I don't expect them to be competitive until at least a year or tow out. But as opposed to nothing in RVs and the boonies, it is cheap at that price.

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From what I understand it's not just having satellites in the sky but also having regional ground stations for them to link to.  Starlink is starting with ground stations in the NW US, thus the geofencing to limit the beta test to that area.  Yes, the satellites can link from one to another to increase their range from a ground station but that adds to the load on the satellites and decreases system performance.

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The majority of the Starlink sats currently in orbit do not have sat to sat linkage capability. The laser link system is currently in test using a few of the most recently launched sats. Full implementation of the laser linkage will dramatically improve speeds while cutting latency.

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Great article! It slower than I thought and twice the price per month. If I didn't have faster at 1/3 of their price. My so called 250Mbps in Louisiana actually ran ~ 70-85 Mbps and we had no trouble streaming 4k.movies. I have yet to see if it has a monthly maximum limit and how much data is included at that price.

But if I were RVing I'd pay it gladly.


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