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King, or Queen bed in your 5th Wheel?

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26 minutes ago, whj469 said:

King, we have had queens and didn't like them.

And we don't like kings. It's a personal preference and one that - I think - is more related to the sizes of the occupants. My wife and I are quite small and prefer the queen, but I would think larger occupants would need more room. Jay

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We sleep on a King waterbed at home, but since we couldn't get a trailer manufacturer to put a water bed in a 5th wheel we went to a queen bed regular mattress in the 5th wheel from the manufacturer to give s more space alongside the bed and then changed it out with a Queen size sleep number bed after we brought the trailer home. So far it has been good for us and we recently did a 7 week trip covering 5400 miles with it and slept good. Like others have said it is your personal preference, but either size works for us.

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We had a full-size King in our 5er, there was plenty of room on each side to dress, the Grand Junction was a great 5er.  Now we are back with a Queen bed in this MH, with only 2" on either side to walk.. We were happy with ether size.

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For us  a king with the less room for us. We have a couple of labs that sleep with us when we have other people in the 5th wheel. We are not in the bedroom that often in a 24 hour period. We have plenty of room at the end of the bed or in the bathroom to get dressed.

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Thank you all for your feedback! Sounds like it's definitely a preference thing. Well, we sleep on a king bed at home, so I decided to go with a king bed in the 5th wheel. I called the Sales Manager this morning to give him my final choice. Having a great nights sleep makes all the difference in the world to me. I'm afraid if I got a queen bed I won't sleep well. Thank you again for your feedback. Everyone stay well, and safe travels :) 

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There are several things that enter into the mattress size. One poster above mentioned about a king being too long. Will the mattress work so the slide will go closed? Can you get around it because if not, it immediately becomes a PITA? Also will the mattress fit on the bed "super structure?

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9 hours ago, gjhunter01 said:

We had a king size in our house and bought a Fifth Wheel with a queen bed not giving it much thought. It was hard getting used to a smaller bed, it is like trading in a loaded Cadillac for a base level Chevy with manual windows.

Not giving it much thought?


When we are looking for a RV, we don't even look at one if there is no King bed or King bed option if new

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We have always been queen bed people, anyway - even when we had a house. We don't have dogs that sleep with us and neither of us likes to have to search for the other in bed. When it's cold, we're both together in the middle, anyway. The bonus is that our bedroom seems much more spacious and we have more room to walk around the bed (our Solitude fifth wheel has the bed in a slide).


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sure a queen is good ( i am single) a king for couples. 

but i would like to try a double? maybe a twin? or a “special” just s bit wider than a twin, with a longer foot print. 

in my queen i only really use a small area. but i am sure if i went smaller i would not have enough room.

but if i can afford a new rv in about six years time. it will be built for a king. as the slides are made to fit a king, but they put in shelving. nightstands to fit the queen.

then i will dump the economy mattress. and buy a quality double. for the comfort, foot space, and what little weight savings come with a smaller mattress. but if i find. or more like if she finds me😊

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