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Summer rv parks northwest


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Astoria, OR is a small city that has those amenities.

Also several of the costal cities along the Oregon coast are nice as well.  

Most places inland from the coast have a pretty good amount of temps in low 90's to occasionally over a 100 sometimes.  Not every day, but often enough that it is not unusual to have mid 90's.  It does usually cool down to below 70* by early morning.  

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13 hours ago, Layne007 said:

Looking for a cool place to go for the summer. Northwest.  We live in Phoenix!

We would like a park that has a cafe/bar and some entertainment. 

Thank you so much


Not many parks will have onsite cafe/bar. In fact I can’t think of one.    Think parks catering to summer, meaning families.   Entertainment will be being out and about.  Summer isn’t the reverse of Arizona winters.  Completely different mind set. 

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It’s not the Northwest, but Northern Plains. In Rapid City South Dakota, just up the road from Mount Rushmore is a campground called Hart Ranch. It has a pool, hot tub, cafe, tennis courts and entertainment. Also has a small convince store and gas station. It is a membership campground but you don’t have to be a member to stay there, it just costs more. As a member, a one time cost of around $2,600 and annual dues of around $250 per yr, the nightly fee is only $10 electric included. 

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