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OT: Olde Pharte Ramblings

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Yesterday, I got the rv out of the shop to make room for grandson's truck  It's a Dodge with a converter motor, converts fuel into lots of noise and smoke.

So, he says he needs to change the rear main seal, 'cause his parents are pouring a new concrete driveway and no drips are allowed.  First thing, he's under the truck pulling the rear driveshaft.  I asked him about wheel chocks.  He replied, it's in park.........  Chocked the wheels and he and his buddy proceed to pull front and rear drive shafts, but the front one won't come loose.  I slide under with a 4# hammer and gently nudge the coupler to release it.  But while I was under there, grandson moved the trouble light so I had a good look at the back of the engine.  It was wet all the way up the head.  Hmmm.  After a discussion on the laws of gravity and why oil runs down hill, and removal of the inspection cover to find a dry bell housing, we went topside.  Rear of valve cover is all oily too.  Turns out all six grommets holding down the valve cover were badly deteriorated, making the mess dripping from the bell housing.

It's nice to be in a position of being able to help the grandkids through life.  Yeah, I got a little dirt under my fingernails, but it came off.  Hardest part was getting back out from under the truck, and trying not to laugh at the kid for almost doing a lot of work for naught.  But he'll learn.

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Good call on the wheel chocks. When I was in the spinal rehab hospital my roommate had his seventeenth birthday.  He had been helping a friend removing a driveshaft and the pickup rolled forward, the differential hit him in the back of the head and folded his head into his chest.  He is now a quadriplegic for life.  https://www.parrysound.com/community-story/8953841-dakota-reid-thankful-for-parry-sound-s-help-after-paralyzing-accident/ 



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Ouch Nigel!


Anyone have any theories why:

1. repairs such as oil drips that have been there for 6 months are now so time critical there is no time to place wheel chocks, jack stands, personal protection for the eyes and ears etc. ?

2. people don't seem to realize everthin accelerates toward the center of the earth given the chance? 

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