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Smart Gen II length issue?

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The one I heard being told to unload was because the cop that saw it had been reading our forum and had seen threads discussing the car being too long. As far as I know nobody has been measured.  But as Rick said there are hundreds of us doing thousands of miles each year so don’t be too concerned. 


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Crazy thought, build a ramp that mirrors the angle of the load ramps on the deck.  This would shorten the width, provide storage under the car, and alleviate the breakover angle issue when Smart goes from ramp to deck.

Similar to the ramps on Wkrnrvr Jeep hauler, only sideways.

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I have talked to LEO'S in a few states (never mentioned the length of the smart) and all of them have told me that unless you are doing something blatantly stupid they have enough to do without messing with us. I even parked on a street in a little town once and went to eat. The car was still loaded. When we came out I could see 2 people looking at the truck and they wore uniforms. So I walked down to see them and one had seen the truck and called his buddy over from another part of town to see it. I gave a tour and one even climbed up on the back and sat in the car. They had never seen that done before and were quite impressed. 

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And with the trailer behind ya, its impossible to see both ends of the smart to judge the width anyway. A Volvos lower fairings and the behind the cab ones are not 102". 97"or 98" comes to mind. So my bed is narrow, that accounts for that "little" bit of overhang....the bed is not 102". Now, if you built your bed a full 102" I dont know how you'll explain the overhang. But I'm with Brad, "usually" unless you are doing something stupid......

But there are except to that rule.

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We never intended to haul a smart, until we drove Jeff and Cindy Brett's (bandbuds).  We realized that car wasn't all that bad, and was actually fun.  Bought a '13 and it served us well.  But then Jeff and Cindy visited with us again, and had a later version for us to sample.  Hmmm.....  A few weeks later we got our '16.

Of course, both are the same amount over the legal width, but I just wanted to point out, the '16-'17 is a much nicer car.  Enough so that my bride drives it and leaves the "real car" in the garage.  Something about the smart taking less time to wash........... yeah, right.

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