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LED turn/clearance open circuit fault

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Change your flasher to an electronic type instead of the one supplied.  I did the same thing on my IH 4700, and when I turned on the lights to check operation, the blinkers acter wacko.  Changed the flasher and all is good.  Circuit is looking for some load to operate the flasher and the LEDs dont have enough of a load.

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By far the easiest solution is to add a resistor across each of the LED bulbs.  As far as taking away the "advantage" of LED bulbs, the only thing the resistor does is draw a little bit of current when the LED light is on to clear the trouble code.  Not enough to worry about unless you plan on leaving your truck unattended with the flashers on for more than a day or two.


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So, the flasher sound in the cab is fast. The turn signals blink at a normal rate.

The open circuit error happens when you turn the key to the on position. Computer is checking stuff I guess.

Where's the flasher relay located? I'm guessing under the top dash panel where the fuses and such are.

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Generally speaking, installing aftermarket (probably chinese) LED bulbs into fixtures originally intended for incandescent bulbs results in degraded lighting performance....not to mention the electrical problems you are having. 

I'd put the normal bulbs back in (use bulb grease) and move on to the next upgrade.




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