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Never owned an RV but going to live in one

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The last project involved several years of Mesa summers, and an RV that was nearly abandoned mid-season due to snowbirds and health issues. He got sick, recovered enough to be shipped home, she pulled the shades, turned off the utilities, and followed him. 2 or 3 years later, he's gone, she's moving forward. Used the RV for a couple weeks... Took almost another 2 weeks of work every day to get the black tank to start moving. I don't think we were fighting a pyramid, as much as a flat sheet of dried ewww. Of course, the solids settled to the bottom, and the piping.

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My neighbor tried all of that for more than a month with a used fiver he bought, then gave up and had the tank cleaned by a guy with equipment to pressure clean the interior of the tank, via the toilet opening. The cleaning wasn't cheap, but it did work.

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8 hours ago, Kirk W said:

You have actually successfully used this process? It sure didn't work for my neighbor who had that problem. 

A friend of mine did and told me about it. It takes a LONG time to do it. The problem started with buying an RV without realizing its condition.


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Original Poster,

If you are handy and are ok with fixing your own 'stuff' an rv might be a fun adventure for you.  If this plan is centered around saving money then likely it isn't going to work out (cheap apartment will probably be a better choice).

Think of an RV as getting all of the issues / maintenance of a house & vehicle; but where it doesn't do either very well.  On the benefit side you get to travel about the country and see a bunch of stuff through your own kitchen window.

Not trying to kill any dreams; rather trying to help you manage expectations.

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9 hours ago, Lou Schneider said:

Adding a bit of liquid detergent or dishwashing liquid to the water will break down it's surface tension and help it be absorbed into the poop pile.

Every month when traveling (and the first day of traveling after a long stop) I add a half cup of Dawn, a cup of borax and five gallons of water to each tank before traveling.  When I stop that night I dump the tanks and flush the black water tank.  It breaks loose all sorts of things, including grease from the gray tank (yes I wipe the dishes before washing them.)  I don't know if would help with a pyramid, but it sure wouldn't hurt.

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10 hours ago, Jinx & Wayne said:

Every month when traveling (and the first day of traveling after a long stop

While I don't do this as often as monthly, I have a similar practice. but I use a different product. As recommended by a person from Thetford (the RV toilet maker) in a seminar that i attended about 20 years ago, I use Trisodium Phosphate as the cleaner for this job. On the occasion that I am out of TSP, I substitute laundry detergent. I learned the hard way that if you use too much dish detergent and someone flushes the toilet you will get a bowl of soap suds up from the tank. Laundry detergent doesn't do that and neither does TSP. 


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