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Problems Setting Up GL-AR150-Ext Travel Router


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Here's what I've done so far using the instructions found here -- https://docs.gl-inet.com/en/3/setup/mini_router/first-time_setup/ :

  1. Powered the router on by inserting the USB cable into the computer's USB port.  The router's green light is on.
  2. Turned the Visible phone's WiFi on, found the router in the list and selected it.  Currently says "Connected, no internet."
  3. Went to on the Visible phone, selected "English" and set up an Admin Password.  I'm then directed to the Admin Panel.
  4. Scrolled down to "Repeater" and did a Scan.  After the Scan, I get a list of SSID it's detecting, but the router is not in the list.  So I can't go any farther in the setup.  (I double checked to make sure the router was still connected in the list of WiFi options and it is.)

So where do I go from here?  There must be some step I need to do that's not talked about in the instructions.

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15 hours ago, pappy437 said:

BY far no expert but I think you need to turn phones hotspot on not wifi. At least that is how mine works.

The directions for setting up the router, the URL of which I gave above, gives 4 methods of connecting the router to the "device"  -- in this case, my Visible phone.

  1. Ethernet cable.  
  2. 3G/4G modem.
  3. Tethering
  4. Repeater (i.e., WifI)

That's why I'm using WiFi and not the Hotspot on the Visible phone.

15 hours ago, pappy437 said:

I think you need to find the router on the computer and then work from that end. At least that is how I got mine to work.

I *can* find the router on my computer, but when I try to connect it says, "no internet, secured."  Because the *phone* and the *router* are not yet paired together -- which is what I'm trying to do. 

My purpose in getting this router was so that my Visible phone can connect to more than one device at a time -- at least that's what I *thought* the purpose of the router was.

But I cannot get the two paired together and don't know what it is that I'm doing wrong.  And now, of course, I can't even get the phone to load the website!

I know there are people here who are using Visible phones and this particular router -- how did you go about setting them up so both devices are paired?

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I would guess that you have to tether the phone to the router and than connect to the wifi with the computer and the phone. I was reading the link you provide for the router and I'm pretty sure that this is how to do it.

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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, chuckbear said:

You are currently not close to setting this up correctly. Chuck

I'm assuming this is meant for me.  My original post, above, was 7 months ago and I've since figured it out with the help of fellow forum member mrschwarz who sent me step-by-step instructions to get the router working with the Visible phone.  I gave tazh2o the link to the instructions in his original post.

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