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Verizon, Visible, postpaid, prepaid speeds

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Very interesting video, but I caution people that the relative speeds of the plans measured in the video reflects a specific physical location and it's not clear if an attempt was made to measure speeds at different times of the day.

I totally agree with the video's conclusions that postpaid plans are usually better than prepaid plans (including Visible), but I would suggest that people not focus on the specific speeds measured or the precise relative speeds of the different plans.

I, personally, have a postpaid phone as well as a prepaid SIM in a Jetpack and a Visible SIM in an inexpensive phone.  I have a lot of experience using these for streaming video, having cancelled our DirectV account a year ago.  

Joel (AKA docj)


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Just for a little perspective, here's a couple of Visible speed tests from last spring on our way north. The first test was with Visible's (ZTE?) R2 phone, and the second test was with an LG Stylo 3 phone connected  by WiFi to a Verizon 6620L Jetpack with the Visible SIM installed. The first test is certainly higher than I usually see, but the second test is not particularly unusual in less populated areas where tower congestion is less of a problem. Note that both tests were done about 8:30 AM when the towers are relatively quiet.



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3 hours ago, jules2go said:

Interesting indeed. I want to know what sort of speeds there are for a Verizon mifi device for my laptop. Anyone have experience with that? Location will vary it up I realize. One of those devices I would think would be faster than using my cell phone hot spot. 

In the free video in the below guide, we share about modem specifications and how they impact performance. At the end, we show head to head comparisons of several generations of Verizon mobile hotspot devices as an example:



By the way, we also have Visible vs Prepaid vs Postpaid testing results available in our Visible review:


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