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Brake controller/Jackalopee problem

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open the Hayes up, mine the two brass pieces came loose inside and it was hot all the time. pushed everything back in place, screwed case on tight, and been fine for three years now. The case screws were pretty loose when I took it apart. 


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Hayes sent a new (version C) of the controller. This one has some case modifications. No vents. This version has a circuit board instead of a reostat. 

Wired it in. Seems to respond normally. Have not hooked up the trailer and tested that. Next travel day is Sunday.

Shipped the bad unit back to Hayes for dissection. Hope they get back to me on what they found.

So far, Hayes has stepped up. Nice.


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Ran Albuquerque to Cortez,  co. Today. Version C of the Hayse controller worked well . We'll see how long it lasts. 

Tomorrow we run to salt lake. 


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Got a diagnostic reply from Hayes. Here's the email...


Below is what the engineer tech forwarded to me:

When connected to a power source the LED indicated that the unit was energized/ an output voltage was present.

Typically this fault could be caused by a defective hall effect sensor, power mosfet, or microprocessor.  Replacing the microprocessor corrected the fault.

The exact cause of the processor failure could not be determined.

We have logged the fault and will monitor this particular component in production going forward, to be sure there is not a recurring problem we need to address. Please keep us updated on the performance of your replacement unit. If there are any issues we will do everything we can to correct them.  


Thank you and have great week!"

The replacement unit (rev. C) is working fine. It's different in design than the 'B' version that failed.

The truck is parked for the winter... so more road trips in the spring... and more testing of the new controller.


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