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finally had major breakdown

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Finally had a major breakdown and had to have the truck towed 40 miles in one direction and the trailer towed 30 miles in the other direction to get into a campground that was available. Of course it is Sunday so not many places open or answering phones. I will be needing someone to tow my 35' fifth wheel down to Florida a total of about 450 miles from the South Carolina campground. The truck will be needing a new transmission so no sense staying here to wait for it. Any leads on tow companies?


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Another hauler


Many more if you Google it. Since there are lots of RVrs in Florida, and if you are not going back to wherever you are you might want to mention your location in S.C. as an RVr in Florida may come get it for a smaller fee, or from there tow and return home..



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Thanks for the replies. It is a 2018 Ram 3500 AISIN transmission and under warranty but this is the second transmission to go in. Original trans leaked at 3K so they put new trans in but way overfilled it and blew oil all over so I was leery of the new trans and sure enough at 19K she blew up. Open to all replies.


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