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Gooseneck with vs 5th wheel

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My current trailer has a gooseneck attachment point on it now.  It is the Reese Goosebox and I purchased it because I did not want a 5th wheel in the back of my truck and it has air bags.

Is there any reason I can not put an appropriate height ball hitch on a HDT and run a gooseneck. 


Since I am asking about non 5th wheel attachments.  How hard is it to add a traditional ball hitch for hauling my other trailers?


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A lot of people have gooseneck balls on a HDT.  I had one on our first HDT.  The structure to mount it needs to be custom made.  I have a bumper pull hitch on our current HDT and it is also custom made.  A good welding shop should be able to make and install the hitches.  I prefer an air hitch and there are goose neck balls available for some air hitches.  How all of this would fit with your trailer hitch will need to be figured out for height and so on.  I don't know the particulars of the air bag on your hitch so I can't comment on that or know if it is good enough that an air hitch isn't needed or how it might react to an air hitch.

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The Reese Goosbox is approved, which is why I chose it.  It is not a normal 5th wheel "extension", it is a complete replacement.  https://www.reeseprod.com/products/pin-boxes/goose-box/uW9rVuV4JAj75t!ZHQnotJoVbxIFMqvl 

Even without a camera, why would it be any harder then with my current truck?  I can not see either my gooseneck ball in the bed, or the rear receiver when hooking up a standard trailer. 

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2 hours ago, GlennWest said:

I don't have to line up perfectly with my ET Hitch. You do with that ball

All of the gooseneck trailers I have had use an oversize opening that funnels the ball in.  Sure you have to be close, but not exact.  Either way, I have never been able to see them when hooking up. 

I have never seen my trailer ball since I started puling trailers in my teen years, yet some how I managed to get them attached without a spotter. 

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I had gooseneck trailers and always converted them to 5th wheel for easier hook up both with our dually and our HDT. No need to climb in the bed or on the truck to hook up safety chains. Plus in some states you can ride in a trailer with a 5th wheel or only double tow if the first trailer is a 5th wheel. Gooseneck may not comply. If you have no problem hooking up and don't double tow or have any one in the trailer, then you can easily have a gooseneck ball on an HDT. Some actually have both a 5th wheel and a gooseneck ball.

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Yesterday we did a little project on our daughter's/son-in-law's coach, which has a ball conversion.  Watching the gymnastics of getting in the truck bed to fasten/release chains and such reminded me of why I like the 5th wheel arrangement.  Having both feet on the ground becomes more important with age, so I've been warned.

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I guess it depends on the gooseneck hitch.  I have not climbed in my truck at all with the Reese there is a cable release.  I can do all of my hookups standing on the ground at the drivers rear of the truck.

You are right, I do not miss crawling in the bed with my old trailer.  I am sure i could have made some kind of extension, but I never did. 

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