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HHRV Resource Guide

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The HHRVResource Guide was developed in Drupal 7 CMS system.  Drupal 7 was to go EOL this year but has been extended until end of 2021,  So to keep the HHRVResource Guide going on, a re-creation is needed.

One issue is that because of the lost of Escapees members to Facebook, new information for HHRVResource Guide has not  happened for two years.

What I need is responses to two things.

1. Whether the HHRVResource Guide is still needed.

2. Do you use a smartphone as your only Internet interface.  This relevant to a re-create.  The transition to Drupal 9 (Drupal 8 will end at the end of 2021 also) is not easy.  Many of the contributed modules used in Drupal 7 were not created for Drupal 9.  A rewrite in HTML to work well with smartphone is difficult.

Simple responses to the two questions is requested,

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1. Yes
2. No

Some content is ill-suited for small screens.  In those cases, might the user choose to use a device with a larger screen, or download a PDF version of the content?  Or maybe design everything for small screens, augmented by PDF files (even the user has a big screen).

Thanks for all you've done for us.

Best wishes,


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Yes, I still use it when needed and refer others to it.  Used on Windows Laptop only.

Not having this around anymore would be a huge loss!  Much thanks to Mark for putting the time into making this a usable tool, and to Jon (5th Wheeler) for starting it so many years ago!

Just thoughts here, I wonder if it could be made like a Wikipage (or whatever that thing is) so that we all aren't relying on Mark to update it???   Maybe a new thread needs to be started on this!       Thanks again Mark.

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1: YES, I still use the HHRG.

2: I access the HHRG PRIMARILY on a Mac OS laptop. I also use (in descending order) a Chromebook, iPad Pro, iPhone, Android phone and finally a Windows laptop. I regularly recommend the HHRG to people who would benefit from this valuable resource.

Thank you for your work on the HHRG. As far as I know, there's NOTHING else like it available in a single source form. I would be willing to "kick in" cash to help in deferring any costs (or, to just help keep you and other contributors in your favorite beverage). I will be at the National Rally next month.

Again, THANK YOU for all the "heavy lifting" you've done over the years!


John Koenig

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8 hours ago, Jim & Wilma said:

I use the HHRV resource guide.  For those of use with older trucks it can be of particular value.


7 hours ago, rickeieio said:

I use it more often than I care to admit. 


And mostly from my computer, occasionally my Android tablet.

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HHRV has some great info. I still use it occasionally either with an iPad or MBP. I always thought a phone makes a lousy computer.

With Drupal 7 going away, I hope that doesn’t mean that we will lose HDTRally.com There is a lot of great historical info about past HDT Rallies. I don’t know what is involved with converting it to WordPress. Then it could all be saved on the NationalHDTRally.com site.

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