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Almost a bad day

Jim & Wilma

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We pulled into Smokey Hills RV yesterday to spend a couple days with our friends Dan & Freda and Mark & Bonnie.  After unhitching, our Volvo D13 started making a rather loud rattling noise and Dan noted a large puddle of oil. Not good!

We opened the hood and found the compressor shaking rather severely. Wasted no time shutting off the engine. Dan was quick to spot that two of the compressor studs had no nuts holding the compressor. Dan crawled under Ruby and amazingly found one of the nuts stuck between a couple hoses and the frame.

A quick trip to the hardware store and we had some new grade 8 M12-1.75 nuts. After a bit of contortion, got the compressor secured, now including jam nuts.  Started up Ruby and all appears normal though I imagine the flywheel and compressor gear teeth saw "some" wear.  If we hadn't stopped when we did, it could have been a bad day.  We’re thankful to have good friends.

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Wow! Glad both of you AND Ruby are OK!! That must have been a shock.

Jan and I are traveling in Colorado this month. Our truck Surely has climbed up and down several mountains - her power going up and engine braking coming down has been great.

Hopefully we’ll catch up with you guys again somewhere. Antonito was fun!

Mark and Jan

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In my continuing search for a Volvo truck, I came across a candidate that I thought I would investigate.  It was listed for $5000.00.  Said it was a D13 at 485 with an IShift.  I thought, whats the catch???

The pics further down the string showed that the compressor has broken 2 of the 3 studs and the other has damaged threads.  Figured it wasnt my 1st time removing broken studs as I used to be a maintenance mechanic on manufacturing equipment(Charmin & Bounty machines).  After communicating with the guy, clearly he was frustrated(might even say really pissed off) because he bought the truck a couple week ago and he believes the seller knew about the problem but didnt disclose it.  So he had a truck that he couldnt use yet for jobs that he needed to complete so that he could fix the truck.  

I remember Jack saying that you need some $$$ set aside for these events, as they do happen.

Needless to say, I passed on this candidate, figuring what else has been neglected.

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