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RV magazines to cease production?

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There was a time when Trailer Life was more than it is (or was) today.  I have some older copies I saved - they are at least twice as thick with content compared to the current publication.  I am not a great fan of Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World Holdings, Inc. or what he has done TO (not for) the RV community.  I have no desire to read about PUPs, motor homes or travel trailers.  My interest lies with 5th wheel units, their features and evolution.  This new magazine may be a hodge-podge of stuff with many pages of little interest to the average reader.  I regret that Mr. Lemonis has taken this position - which I am sure is to cut his publication cost and apparent declining readership of his current magazines.  This cookie cutter one size fits all approach is happening all too frequently.  Thank goodness we have a good, focused and well written RV magazine in ESCAPES.  He killed Woodalls and now he is killing Trailer Life and Motorhome.  What's next?

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A number of years ago I was a subscriber.    One issue I don't remember what month or year they reviewed a motor home.    This vehicle came out of the factory overweight.   The only comment from the review was in the advantages/disadvantages block.   As in it's a small disadvantage this motor home was overweight.    At that point it came to my attention that I was paying for a magazine that was just a mouthpiece for the RV manufacturers and had no attention to care for the readers/users safety.   


Nothing today has change my opinion.

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1 hour ago, colddog15 said:

One issue I don't remember what month or year they reviewed a motor home.    This vehicle came out of the factory overweight. 

Just wondering what motorhome you are thinking of? Back in the 1990's there was one or two versions of the Bounder that had a dry weight that exceeded the GVWR of the chassis it was mounted on. I have seen others more recently that had very low cargo capacity, but none with dry weights exceeding GVWR. 

I was a subscriber for a lot of years but dropped the magazine about 5 years ago. 

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They are cutting losses by eliminating two magazines (TL and MH magazines) combining them into one magazine, RV Magazine. And creating a new digital platform including all they had before and new content from participants like here.

Keeping their respective websites looks interim to me until they see the returns, or lack thereof. The folks that like paper magazines in snail mail will have one. So rather than starting up a new one, they are dropping two and combining them into one. I would imagine they will halve the staffing for the magazine.

They said: " . . .  it is launching a new fully comprehensive digital platform, RV.com, supported by a new publication title, RV Magazine.

The company also announced the retirement of its legacy print publications Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines with the December 2020 issues to focus its energy on the new magazine and enhanced website. The respective websites of the legacy magazines will continue to provide valuable information to the individual segments of the RV lifestyle. TrailerLife.com will become a full lifestyle brand for the company focused on specific products and services for the towable enthusiast. MotorHome.com will convert into a full motorhome marketplace showcasing products and services needed to enhance and protect the investment for the motorized RV consumer."

Here's the original source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200908005122/en/

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