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Hdt frendly camp grounds

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Size can be less of a problem with newer campgrounds. Your best bet these days will be to call a candidate and speak with senior staff. In the AllStays Camp & RV App (iOS), I've see camp descriptions which include the phrase "big rig friendly". AllStays has NOT been available as an Android App for several years now. There IS an AllStays Pro which is BROWSER based so, that version can be used on any phone, tablet, computer etc as long as it has a browser. The Pro version is an ANNUAL subscription of about $40 (the iOS App is about $10).

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We used to have a membership in https://www.emeraldcoveresort.com. What they use for boat trailer parking between the campers and the river in the summer can be used for HDT parking across from your site in the winter if you need extra length; be sure to ask for that type of space when reserving. Our daughter drove bobtail to visit me so spent a couple nights parked there and slept in her truck. The access is narrow, though, so be careful. (I led her in the left side of the check-in booth as it is a bit wider.)


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Just now, Phil D said:

The Resource Guide doesn't get updated with campground information because that's not the designated repository for that data.  It's for information regarding HDTs and towing with HDTs only.

What you're looking for is the Heavy Haulers RV Campgrounds web site, which is located here: http://hhrvcampgrounds.com/.

Sure glad we got this straitened out . Let me rephrase this.  Other than Heavy Haulers RV camp ground web site (THAT never seems to get updated) Is there another resource to look for big rig friendly RV Resorts.

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Just now, rickeieio said:

HHRV guide only gets updated when someone sends in submissions. It's done by a volunteer, and doesn't pay well.  Have you ever submitted a campground?

Yup.  Pine Near RV park  in Winthrop WA. Have been to just about every RV park listed in Washington state in the hhrv guide I know there has got to be more than what is listed in Washington any body have any ideas

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On 9/11/2020 at 8:41 PM, beemergary said:

Do a google maps and then a satellite view.

This is what I do. I just tell them I am a 5th wheel and total length is 65 ft. Sometimes I tell them I have a Freightliner. But, most the time they dont know what I'm talking about unless other HDTers have been there before.

Trees can present a problem for  google maps. If trees are in the way I just look at the cartoon map the campgrounds provide and take my best guess. You better be able to hit that spot in the first couple tries. You have a hundred people watching you. You can't see them all but they are there and they are taking video.

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As others have said, do a Google Earth view.  My rule of thumb is that if I see a long motor coach in the park, the we "Should Fit" on maneuvering to a site and getting into a site if the site is physically big enough to hold our RV length basis. (Truck not included) 

Overtime, I have also learned that if there is a long 5th wheel with 3 AC's on the roof in the google pic, then we'll fit with no issue. 

Here is the warning.....  It's all on knowing your rig's length, width, turning limitations, and your ability to clearly communicate with your better half in a cool calm collect manner. 

 There is also an acronym called GOAL... It stand for "Get Out And Look"..... It works wonders when used properly. 

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