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Residential Toilet

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Has anyone actually installed a residential toilet in your rv? We have a very nice china bowl in our motorhome, I just don't like rv toilets. I was thinking if one was installed a ball valve could be installed in line to turn the water off while traveling. Just flush the toilet after turning the valve off will take care of having water in the take while going down the road.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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RV toilets have a positive seal between the toilet bowl and the tank.  House toilets rely on water in a P-trap to make a gas-tight seal in the drain line and prevent sewer odors getting into the house.

Water will slosh out of the P-trap as you go down the road,  leading to an open path for tank odors to come into the RV.

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A residential toilet uses WAY more water per flush than an RV toilet.  You will quickly fill the RV black tank with not many flushes (depending on tank size).  If you are always connected to full hook ups, this may not be an issue, but if you ever stay anywhere without hook ups it could become a problem pretty quickly.

My current RV has a macerator toilet.  It adds water to the bowl before every flush to assist the maceration process.  The amount of water is nowhere near what a residential toilet uses, but more than a typical RV toilet.  I cannot go as long between black tank dumps with this RV (with a larger black tank) than I could with my previous RV with a standard RV toilet.  I wouldn’t even want to think about trying to use a residential toilet.

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Both replies about are valid. The typical new flush toilet today uses about 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while an RV toilet uses 1/2 gallon or less, depending on the person using it. If there are no solids, the RV toilet can use much less than that. Even the modern two level flush toilets today use nearly a gallon on the minimal flush. In addition to the problems of water volume and maintaining a seal, there is also the problem of the needed tank of water for the flush action which will probably slop while traveling and the extra space that it would require. 

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