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Diagnostic Codes VED12

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I check the diagnostic codes from time to time.  On the engine, I see some that have inactive faults.  I have seen some of the same codes for a while that are associated with the egr, but they have never been active when I look at them.  When do you take action on the diagnostic codes?  I just recently saw a single electrical fault on an injector, again not active.  That one concerns me as it seems that might stand me somewhere.  

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I think I have a gen one too it's a 2001. Not sure what you are asking, but if you want to find the diagnostic codes you can do so with the wiper stalk, the enter, escape and end up and down button. It's muscle memory for me so the actual instructions may differ. 

Hit escape. 

Toggle (using the button at the end of the stalk) through the menu to find the appropriate field.

Hit the enter button, toggle again. 

find the code or error you wish to look at and hit enter. 

Write down the info (gibberish) and hopefully someone here is able to decode. 


Good Luck. 


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Me too and a couple that won't go away after the removal of one of the axles. As long as she starts and runs when I want her to and nothing else pops up new I have just ignored them. Got tired of asking what they were each time I visited a new service area and they had no idea. Volvo in Missouri, Volvo in Colorado, a couple places in Iowa and more in Florida. None had the answers. 


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