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What a sight

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We were boondocking at New Forks Lake north of Pinedale WY and one afternoon I saw one of those tall Ford Transit type vans go by with a canoe tied on top and what looked like a 12 yo girl not tied on top of the canoe. They were driving slowly, maybe 10 mph but a fall from that height and speed would not be good. She was having a fine time tho and gave me a wave.

I think they were looking for the lake tho and they went the wrong way, so afew minutes later back they come. Girl still on top. And turn down the right way to the lake. Now I was worried but they were too far away to do anything, on the scale of 10 I'd rate that road as a minus 1. Really very terrible. I half expected to see paramedics heading into the cg. But no a few minutes later back out they come but now with two girls on top.

My wife had come out by then and said if we were back in Florida she would have to call the police. She works for the school system and has to report such incidents. LOL. There was no phone signal anyway

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I remember friends and I sitting the the tailgate of a station wagon with our feet hanging down when we were sent squealing by a drive through a ford on a creek in a campground. But, no one thought anything of things like this in the era before seat belts.

Linda Sand

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In the old horse operas the cowboy trying to escape someone would ride at a gallop under some tree, grab a tree limb and swing up into the tree so the ones chasing him would ride right under him without seeing him. MY Sage Advice:  Don't do that unless you have checked out the limb well in advance.  There is much more I could advise on but we don't have enough time and internet space.

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On 7/28/2020 at 1:34 PM, bobsallyh said:

Not knowing the terrain in the area another thing comes to mind, low limbs could be a natural killer.

No overhanging limbs. It was the height that I was concerned about. Transit van plus canoe was I'd guess 8 ft or so, they weren't driving that fast but 10 mph plus an 8 foot fall equals something damaged. No camera handy of course and they were too far away for a cell phone.

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What in the wide wide world of sports would a kid be doing on top of a canoe on top of a van?

as in a canoe?

tied upside down on the roof racks?

 as in sitting on the roundy bottom? 

Driver hits the brakes there would be quite a puff a dust when the chile hits the ground...


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