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ISO: RV Handicapped

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There are some specialized RV's constructed with handicap/mobility considerations although they're not often seen on the used market. There are also aftermarket products that can be added to existing RV's, broadening your options. A seat lift for instance, can be added to must RV's and vans for much less cost than a conventional wheelchair lift that can require significant structural modifications for installation. Depending on your mobility inside the RV though, floor plans with narrow hallways and doors may not be suitable. Other RV's may have floor plan access that's suitable for at least a travel chair, if not a full sized chair. One source of both wheelchair and seat lifts is RVLifts.com. I have no experience with them, but they do seem to have a good reputation from what I've read.

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In addition to the above Harbor View a division of HL Enterprises makes wheel chair accessible travel trailers.

Winnebago and Newmar make accessible motor homes.

Look on rvtrader.com and search by handicap or wheelchair as the key word and you will find quite a few.

Also https://www.rvproperty.com/handicapped-rvs-for-sale/ list accessible rvs for sale.

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