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Condenser fan

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Some have installed a computer fan to remove hot air by pointing it toward the exhaust vent on the roof and installing it with a thermal switch on the hot side so it doesnt run unless needed.  And also, it helps to use some sort of shade over the refer side of the coach to reduce the ambient temperature.  Dont restrict the air flow, but reduce the heat.  Kind of an awning for the refer area.

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I installed two 4" computer fans in my last two RV fridges with a manual on-off switch.  Mounted both just inside the lower outside panel, blowing up.  Greatly improved the fridge performance.  Also added a 3" computer fan in the lower part inside the fridge.

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12 hours ago, jcussen said:

I also used small 12 volt computer fans operated by a snap disc thermostat on the condenser coils to come on at 110 f. If you want extra fire protection and get the ARP defender, get the one with fan control which will turn on and off.       https://www.arprv.com/products.php

I installed the ARP product a few years ago and it made a significant difference in the performance of our fridge. I suspect that the original fan had given up the ghost but it was unaccessable without pulling out the unit. When I put in the ARP unit, I mounted one fan on the lower cover blowing in, and the second on the upper cover exhausting out.  I had a lot of open space between my lower outside cover and the condenser so I used some light balsa sheet to build a simple duct to direct the air right to the condenser area. Works great! 

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