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Hmm, old goat, again

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1 minute ago, Parrformance said:

Deck to commercial hitch bracket riser for appropriate deck to frame spacing.

Redesign frame extensions for RV hitch install.

That's what I was thinking too.  But notice, he conveniently left all dimensions off?  Hole size, material thickness, anything would help us.  Oh wait.  His goal is to tease us......  crafty old goat.

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40 minutes ago, Parrformance said:

To provide complete bolt on/bolt together hitch assembly for the ET

Brilliant! Improvement to the way ETs were being mounted on semis for years.


Yes, I designed it mounting it with the angles and mounted a whole bunch of ETs that way in frames, as have many other shops, and every time there was one element that was PITA, can you guys point to it?

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On 5/15/2020 at 7:38 PM, Parrformance said:

Perhaps trying to set the hitch?

Now the rails can be bolted on the slide the assembly in and fasten it in place, without the need to hold the hitch up and get the bolts started?

Yes, but there's more to it.


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Florida is still tough and not "persuadable", lot of "recreational" activity that's legit and some that is not. Auto racing, boat racing, horse racing, etc., etc., pulling million dollar rigs into Daytona, making millions in winnings and endorsements and they are "recreational", give me a break, state got wise to them. Few greedy a....holes screwed it up for everybody. 

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37 minutes ago, rpsinc said:

That will take some tonnage to bend but will make a nice piece.

You guys are clever, exactly! I could only "dream" of a part like that in the past based on "MY" cost of having it made. Young's Welding, who manufacture ETs now, when asked, said sure. They have in house a laser to cut the parts, I will take this part and generate in CAD a flat pattern, holes and all for laser to cut and these will go to an IN HOUSE,  (CNC controlled) brake that will plop these out like popcorn.

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Be nice if a guy didn’t have to modify the heat treated frame rails at the end of frame. Just remove a cross member maybe, move air and electric out of the way and assemble the ET inside a stock dimension rail. 

If you factory order a KW you get the hole pattern file for the ET, your sales person submits it to KW, and the truck arrives complete with holes.

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2 minutes ago, Darryl&Rita said:

They rent them bitches by the hour, or half day/full day. Usually have to buy the Annular bits, but they're not bad prices.

I alsways forget that little fact. Never rented a tool in my life. Might ought to start

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