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ARP Fridge Defend Installation Help Please!

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Research convinced me this is a good device so dropped $150 on a basic unit.

Unfortunately the website and instructions leave much to be desired. After much research it seems like it gets installed like this (after disconnecting power and propane etc): Please see images for clarification. One is the "block" I reference as-is and the other I drew wires. Drawn wires from APRV. Drawn red is the disconnected 12v supply from battery.

1. Remove 12v battery supply from connecting block.

2. Connect 12v battery supply to red wire on APRV

3. Connect yellow wire from APRV to where 12v battery was connected on block.

4. Connect ground from APRV to ground on the connecting block, leaving the trailer ground connected too.

5. Connect twisted wires from APRV to sensor.

6. Install sensor as described.

It's as simple as routing power through the APRV which is a smart switch.

Does this sound like the proper way to do this?

I have a  Dometic fridge.


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OK I'm not going to edit and start another post so the photo stays put.

This was recommended as the proper way elsewhere with the addition of a resettable breaker between the ARP and the 12v supply line. The breaker seems unnecessary since the control panel has a fuse ....





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Your links in your first post open the Airstream forum, not pictures or ARP/Fridge defend instructions.

I don't remember installing a breaker in the hot wire. The ARP instructions show wiring their unit in series with the "recall box", IMO this is to avoid lawsuits with Norcold, since the recall box is now a redundant system. I consider the money I spent on the Fridge Defend/ARP unit well spent.

Have you watched the installation video  yet?

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In addition to the video, go to this link  https://www.arprv.com/dometic-ez-install.php  and select the model fridge you have for detailed installation.  When I installed our ARP device, a fuse was recommended, which I used, and for the slight cost, I can't understand why one wouldn't install the protection.  There is the boiler temperature sensor that is wired, plus another thing connected to the tubing which is a ring connector that is just clamped to the tubing.  I also have the ARP device that controls additional fans because our fridge is in a slide and needs additional air flow.  If you really get stuck, there is a contact page you can submit a question, and Paul will either respond that way or call you direct.  https://www.arprv.com/contact-us.php

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I'm not qualified to advise you but I have installed the ARP on two different Dometic refrigerators.

At first glance I found it confusing.  I took my Chromebook to the trailer, went to the instructions for my refrigerator and followed them step by step.  By taking things one step at a time it all fell into place.

FWIW, both installs I removed the refrigerator, and placed it on a table so I could comfortably sit on a stool. Although it can be done outside through the vent opening I found it worth the extra effort to remove.  The additional benefit is I added additional baffles and insulation behind the refrigerator.

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