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Kirk W

Census completed yet?

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From the Escapees News:

The Census 2020 conversation may have fallen off your radar, due to all of our collective attention being paid to COVID-19. (We at Escapees hope that you are all safe and healthy.) However, we promised to provide you Census 2020 updates, as we have them. Behind the scenes, we worked with Susie Adams, attorney/partner, at Loring and Associates, as well as Polk County Judge Sydney Murphy, on matters related to Census 2020. Judge Murphy has told us that "the 2020 Census is extremely important to East Texas and its residents. Since the Escapees were one of the groups that were undercounted or underrepresented in 2010, we are making every effort to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself, along with implementing census requirements within the spirit of the law."
While Escapees RV Club cannot directly advise you on the interpretation of the Census instructions, Judge Murphy urges each of you, full-timers, to please "complete the Census form using your domicile as the place you "live," not where you spent the previous night." Please know, if you have circumstances that make following Judge Murphy's suggestion unrealistic, or if you have an interpretation of the Census rules that differs from Judge Murphy's, please complete the Census based on your understanding of the rules as written by the Census. You may complete the Census questionnaire by visiting www.my2020census.gov.


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Since the virus - many folks have "acquired" family members at their sticks and bricks.

Sometimes due to financial difficulty - or - kids' parents employed in the medical profession.

The parents don't want to potentially expose the kids - and/or they are working 12 hr shifts.

Ex:  The local pharmacist (I know personally) who owns the business (he's at or close to 70) now has his two grand daughters living with him at his S&B.  His daughter is an ICU nurse in So. CA - currently with (at least) two critical COVID patients.

Observation:  Not sure if there is a dad in the picture, but the daughter may or may not have the time for a census......let alone visiting her kids.

Another  friend has:  A wife and daughter who are both nurses (Mom is retired now), one son who is a nurse in ER  - along with his wife who works in the same (major hospital) ER.  The (2) ER nurses *used to* work four  12 hr shifts with 3 days off.  Now they may have one day off - if they're lucky.

(IMO) The/a judge should put the census temporarily on hold.




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