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Water system


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First thing before I get flamed: I also posted this as a reply to a post up in General so skip it if you already saw it there.

OK Tito DIY blog just posted a blog on this very subject: Tito 

He has a system that look pretty good to me, I was skeptical about using a drill pump but the one he shows emptied a 5 gal container in 2 minutes. The ones I've used in the past would not move that much as rapidly. Those 5 gal containers he shows are a very good deal right now, $5 each. I just ordered 4 with $8 shipping. The cubitainers on Amazon are more in the $10 each range so even with the shipping that is a good deal. I don't know if they are running a special, knowing about his blog, because their other smaller containers cost more than $5. So if you are interested I'd go and grab them right away.

That tube he stuck into the water tank at the end of the hose is from Camco $4, called a water tank filler.

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