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battery shorted out?


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I posted this on Facebook also but we all know the real "experts" are over here.

I had the truck and camper in the shop for over a week doing maintenance on the camper. Yesterday morning I started the truck and pulled it out to unhook the camper and bring the truck back in. I put my truck on the lift to change oil. When I walked under it I smelled rotten eggs. The battery on the far right was very hot. I immediately disconnected It.Yea I knew the batteries were mismatched when I got it but I forgot. The odd ball one is from 17. The other 3 are 12. That tells me the last owner had one go bad and just replaced one. It's a safe bet the other 2 will be dieing soon. I will be installing 4 new ones later this week. Alliance brand from Freightliner on sale right now for $79.

One of my coworkers said he was in the shop over the weekend. When he walked by my truck he thought he smelled something wierd bit dismissed it because it had been there for a week already and had not been running.
I did have the camper plugged in. I also have the hot wire hooked up through the Jackalope to the trailer plug to charge the camper batteries when the engine is running. I wonder if it back fed from the camper to truck and overcharged the batteries.



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