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Looking at truck in Kansas City


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We've found a second truck that might fit our needs. It's in Kansas, City (We're in Salt Lake City...so not a quick jaunt over). Is there any of you kind folks that could take a look at this truck for us and give an assessment? Or know of a service that can?

This is the truck:  https://www.nexttruckonline.com/search?category_level1=Sleeper+Trucks&make=VOLVO&model=VNL64T-630&state=Missouri&year=2015&listing_id=7819104&s-type=truck

The truck appears to be well maintained. It does have a DOT inspection that's about a month old. All other specs meet our checklist, I think.

Like to get it looked at by early next week if at all possible.

Appreciate the help if possible.

Bob & Lisa

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If you want a shop to look at it. I'd recommend

Northland Truck Service

7731 East Front Street

Kansas City, Mo 


talk to Danny

they are not far from this dealer. 

They inspected mine 10 Years ago. And I've known them for probably 30 years. Great independent truck shop.  You can tell them Rick Jennings sent you. 

Good luck! 

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