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Tesla Stock at $7,000 by 2024? One Analyst Says So and Shares Are Flying. Today's close? $780.00


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Tesla hit a high at 1:30 today of $772.34 a share. It closed at $780. Talk about fun to watch, and even more fun were I still invested. If it ever tanks down to under $150 I'll get back in for a thousand shares in a heartbeat. I expect not. It will likely break $800 this week or next. I can only imagine a year from now.


"Tesla shares just keep on gaining after the company’s better-than-expected earnings, and the electric-car maker’s stock was on the rise Monday after two price-target increases.

Tesla stock (ticker: TSLA) was up 12% after analysts at Argus Research and ARK Invest weighed in on the shares. The stock is up a remarkable 125% over the past three months, while the S&P 500 is up a 6% over the same period."

Source: https://www.barrons.com/articles/tesla-stock-price-targets-7000-a-share-gross-margins-51580750910?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo

Tesla shares are now at $762.00! Rising and falling rapidly ten dollars or so. I can't wait to see today's close.

So to answer someone who asked if I thought the analyst that said Tesla could go to $800 could be right I said I thought so and personally think $1000 will happen. Why? They are commoditized while the other automakers and startups are years behind them and cost more for less performance, style, and range. Plus Tesla Model 3 comes with all the autonomous hardware installed for activating now ($7k) or later, making resale values even better. In addition the China third Gigafactory is in production and will soon be ramped up to maximum capacity in that largest world auto market. As well China has mandated 30% of all government vehicle purchases be BEVs. (Battery Electric Vehicles like Tesla, not PHEVs Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles like the Prius or Volt)

So the China factory, the third Gigafactory, is in production while Tesla has bought or secured or identified land for the fourth Gigafactory in Europe. No other manufacturer in the world can, or is, competing in BEV cars with the same performance, range, and auto pilot/autonomous hardware, at anywhere near the same price point. As well Tesla will have BEV factories in each region to avoid import tariffs in the biggest world auto markets. As well the rest of the world is taking action on climate by legislating the end of fossil fueled cars being allowed in their countries while alternative refrigeration using little electricity, cheap solar, and cheap storage from Tesla PowerWalls where electric companies are subsidizing them. This distributed power production is more crucial to national security in a time where nation state hackers are getting into our power production as well as hijacking our computer systems for industries, cities and our school computer networks. Soon we will see what's possible on Mars, with US Astronauts on board.

As well, Musk's privately held company, Space X is soon to provide worldwide GB broadband for competitive prices, with Starlink, a constellation of from 8000 to 10000 LEO low latency satellites providing that with a pizza box size receiver/antenna. I am buying as soon as available. Giving the finger to the cable and DSL monopolies who provide minimum service for maximum pricing with their

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Tesla opened at $925, today Tuesday 4 Feb 2020, the high so far $940, and is now 10:10 am mountain time,  jumping between $905 - $913! :blink:

It hasn't established the safe base price yet but my gut says $800 wil be the new low maybe?

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