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receiving duplicate daily digests


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4 hours ago, Twotoes said:

What is a daily digest?

It is a compilation of every post in every thread you have subscribed to since your last visit to that thread.

It is IMO a handy tool, you know within 24 hrs of your last visit if you have been referred to or asked a question.

This an example:

Escapees Discussion Forum
Hi Ray,IN,
Here's the new content from your followed items for the past day.

— Escapees Discussion Forum



2 items (See all)

Ray,IN replied to a topic

Norcold 1200 Interior light

Gremlins or playful leprechauns with an early start?

Hah! Remove board=total reset.  I never would have though of that. Oddly enough I removed the battery from DW's phone yesterday to reset her phone.It worked,battery was draining to 0 in 4 hrs, now normal again.

Sometimes the KISS principle does work.

Pat & Pete replied to a topic

Norcold 1200 Interior light

KISS ... True , Ray . 

I feel fortunate to have stumbled on that simply solution .

Now to see if I can remember it for the next time . LOL

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