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Tesla bought me A Tesla!


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To answer all the folks asking why I don't have a Tesla the answer was simple, I had Tesla Stock that I finally sold in 2018 because, as I posted here it was under attack by the shorts and I expected it to drop from its high of $376 (?) and be down for a year or two. I was 66 and lived in the hot, humid, South to help take care of her parents. We like four seasons and winter sports. So in we sold our stock, bought my 2019 new Subaru Forester, a house in Colorado in March 2019, and moved here to Colorado May 2019, before we were too old to move yet again. Once we bought the Colorado house I had yet to sell our house/acreage, we'd already sold the inherited acreage and house. And I finally rejoined my Significant Harassment of 47 years Nov 1st in Rocky mountain heaven. No Hurricanes, few fires, no tornado season, no earthquakes to speak of, no tsunamis/rising waters, no volcanoes looming like Mt. Ranier hanging over Seattle. And fine views and things to do and see.

Soooooooo. . .

Earlier tonight I went to the Tesla store in Lonestar Colorado in the Park Meadows mall. I test drove the model two motor AWD. Then I ordered my new Tesla Model 3, white, two motor AWD, auto pilot, autonomous driving hardware in place and can be activated later for autonomous driving for ~ $7,000, black interior, stock rims because the hubcaps cut down enough drag to add significant miles per charge.  We're ordering our two PowerWalls next week and will wait a year for full solar, in case some incentives come back in addition to the Colorado tax credits.

Thank you for the Tesla from my investment in you and your world changing vision Elon.

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48 minutes ago, RV_ said:

You imply I've overshared I can correct that now.

Not at all.  Maybe I should have worded it differently.  Just that you've always been generous with information, even when it concerns your personal experiences.

I have noticed the pricing on their website and just curious if they discount them at all at a dealer.  Also wondering how long it takes to get one once you order.

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Thanks, OK, when I bought the Forester the dealer did it all tax title and license, and it all came in the mail. Here in Colorado, or with Tesla or both, I have to do the registering, and at that time pay the Colorado State tax, but not city as despite being in Colorado Springs, my area is El Paso County tax wise.

First, if anyone buys a Tesla after reading all my Tesla posts, please use my referral number: click here https://ts.la/derek33226

Why? " Cars You and anyone using your referral link to place an order for a new Tesla car can each earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. Each car referral also gives you a chance to win a Model Y or Roadster supercar. Owners who already have free Supercharging get two chances to win. "

Your Model 3 build details

  • Long Range All-Wheel Drive
  • Pearl White Paint
  • 18’’ Aero Wheels
  • All Black Premium Interior
  • Autopilot


Your Model 3

Your Model 3 build details


If you would like to make a change it may affect your delivery date and may be subject to a fee.
Reservation Number xxxxxxxxxxxx
Price $48,990
(Excludes tax, registration, discounts and fees)
Estimated Delivery: 6 - 9 weeks from order placed date
We will reach out to you to schedule your delivery date. Delivery time frame will be based on reservation date, order date, delivery location and vehicle configuration.
For immediate assistance, please contact (888) 51-TESLA or (888) 518-3752.
The federal tax credit is gone. The great state of Colorado issues a straight $4000.00 tax credit. Registration is about $100.00 and tax will be 4% of $48,990.00 or $1,959.60
Since I have always paid cash for my vehicles since age 16, I have never paid for collision. I carry uninsured motorist, non-collision comprehensive, medical tow and liability, my insurance according to USAA an hour ago, only goes up $55 a year.
We have never had an accident that was our fault in our 47 years of marriage. My wife was rear ended but saw it coming and turned so she would not hit the car in front. Our Austin mini in Germany was hit twice while parked in the road during ice storms. My VW Westphalia camper was hit in 1979 by a realtor showing us property while we were passengers as backed up to show us Colorado properties. We were both State Farm and it took a minute for him to understand while I was in the car that hit me, I was not driving either at the time. It helped that the realtor was with state farm and made his claim along with mine. LOL!
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Jcussen (can you put a first name in your sig line so I can address it to Jim or Jack, or Jessie <wink>) mine is either short RV or Derek.

Jcussen is right but you can look at it the other way as I went into the dealership, took a test drive, asked for the price, and he punched in the order for me and I now manage it in my account on Tesla. They will let me know when I'm approaching the no change date. I believe I'd just be out the $100.00 deposit if I changed my mind. If anyone is thinking about getting one email me or pm me and I'll give some additional info.

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I'm redoing the price info because it is higher than I was told. Now as well I did not read the rest of the documents as I am juggling a lot today besides the car buy. 

However, here is the actual price as it is and yes I am upset that the sales guy did not take me through it when I asked yesterday. Here's the actual. I was given a vague estimate. But the below are cut and pasted from three different areas on two web pages. It makes sense when viewed all at once so my bad guys. I hope this makes it clear to check the agreement link and open all links on your account page. It's just about $1200. more than we verbally discussed.

Motor Vehicle Order Agreement

Order Fee$100

Order placed with electronically accepted terms1/21/2020

Price indicated does not include taxes and governmental fees, which will be calculated as your delivery date nears.

You will be responsible for these additional taxes and fees.

Description Price (USD)Model 3


Long Range All-Wheel Drive$13,990

Pearl White Paint Included

18’’ Aero Wheels Included

All Black Premium Interior Included

Autopilot Included

Subtotal $48,990

Destination and Documentaion Fee $1,200

Order Fee $100

Total $50,290

Est. Amount Due




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Chirakawa, correct but I do have full autopilot. I am glad the hardware is there so even if I never do it, it makes it very saleable if I ever do sell it.

The $52k and change Is what includes everything at vehicle pick up time which includes federal and Colorado tax. I then pay the county 4% and plates etc. We already estimated my total cost yesterday at ~ $54k after it is registered locally and I can get on with the fun of driving it. Once my wife is comfortable with our Forester's limited lane keeping, braking, and crash prevention in cruise control, I think I can talk her through the electronics onboard. But so far she's leery of the Forester's system and she's driven it but not with interactive cruise. She is actually afraid of normal cruise control. Pulling my feet away from the pedals coming to stopped traffic and letting the Forester stop itself makes her crazy! LOL. My first drive of my Model three left me feeling like a computer Luddite. But it really is easy once I get the hang of it.

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On the 2016-2019 cars you could buy the FSD [full self driving] but the computer for it to operate was not there.  . New cars have the computer necessary for FSD,  so only software update is necessary. On the older cars the new computer will have to be installed. Some early Model 3's have had the new computer  installed for free if they bought FSD.  Mine came with FSD , so will need computer and software.  Hopefully I am on the list.

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1 hour ago, RV_ said:

I'm on the sidelines with Tesla as an investor. Now I'm on the fun side! Thanks Elon! If you are in the Denver Colorado Springs area, the guys at the Meadows Mall Tesla showroom in Lone Tree, Gary and Tim, are great!


I’m on the sidelines also. There are predictions that it will go up to $800-$900.

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