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Best place for Volvo parts


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You didn't say where you are, and your profile is pretty blank, so our info to you will be generic.

That said, I use a local Mack dealer.  Old family run outfit that cares about it's customers. They have access to all things Volvo.   It doesn't hurt that I also have a Mack.......😉

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I'm near Mobile, AL. I am ideally looking for a website that allows me to enter my VIN and search for oem parts that will list the factory part numbers. Then I can search that part number on the internet for the best price or see if its offered aftermarket. I have done this for years with auto manufactures and even atv manufactures. They all have online part catalogs that you can search by VIN. I recently purchased injector cups for my 01 660 with the D12 and the dealer charged my over 3 times what I found them for on Ebay. I can understand the dealer being more money but that kind of markup is crazy. I really would just love to look up my own part numbers and then do my own research on finding the best price available. 

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