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5 popular Windows 10 settings tweaks you need to quit using


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Yep Some folks didn't get the memos! From the top tech writer today IMHO, Ed Bott:


" The longer you've used Windows the more likely you are to have built up a collection of tips and tricks for squeezing out extra performance. Here are five popular techniques that haven't stood the test of time and deserve to be retired.

To tweak or not to tweak? That is the eternal question, especially for those who have years of experience with Windows PCs.

All that hands-on time is both a blessing and a curse, it turns out. As Windows has evolved, many of the tips, tricks, and secrets that were once essential for enhancing performance and reliability have become irrelevant.

And yet those lessons, once learned, are hard to unlearn. That's particularly true when habits are based on traumatic experiences, like a failed BIOS update that bricked a Windows PC, or when your favorite system tweaks have been engraved into your memory like a pilot's pre-flight checklist.

As Windows 10 has evolved over the past few years, I've been paying close attention to feedback from readers, and I've assembled this list of outdated ideas that are still stubbornly popular."

In fact they are harmful. I've dropped these over the years but if you are still believing in them, it's time for change. Read all the reasons for each and why in the full article here:





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