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Tesla (TSLA) Closed $524.86!


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Folks gave me a lot of crap over at other investment sites in 2010 on. And I told all I sold my shares only to move to Colorado and buy new AWD cars etc. Even though I wanted to wait another year. On the thread here "Are You Still In" that has kept the history of Musk, Tesla, Space X in part as it unfolded from 2011 to present. There you'll see I invested in Tesla in 2010 on IPO and bought 1000 shares. I sold them when I saw the shorts really messing with anti Tesla uninformed folks, and told everyone I wish I was younger as I'd hold off and hold onto it, except we really hated the South's climate, and not just meteorologically! <wink> As well at age 67 I don't have too many more moves left in me where I'm able to spend some years learning my new city, state, and region. So it was now or never, and never about the money as we are set pretty well. We lived here when I was teaching at the Air Force Academy 1978-1981 and loved it. Nothing was built where we live now and Colorado Springs has grown in all directions since.

I just wanted to ask if anyone took my advice to buy when it was down over the last year, or hold, because I had posted many times the with the Chinese expansion and their energy division, that Tesla would go over $400. Remember when Tesla built the biggest battery in the world in South Australia on time and under budget? Got the Model 3, pickup, and soon the Model 3 SUV in production?

Few believed it would go over $400.00 - now it's well over $500! I hope some of you stayed the course and are still gaining portfolio value with it. I held it for eight years and it was a 15 bagger.

Safe investing!

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