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Self driving toad or not


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  So with self driving cars in the future? Or better yet a self driving Jeep.


 Would it be called a toad or not.


 No tow bar needed.


No over weight


 Not over length


  more storage.


OK OK.   I AM really bored in Arizona.


Last  night I was texting a friend about fly fishing for sand trout in the streams between Wickenburg Az and Prescott Arizona yesterday. We may make a short film about fishing there.


Really bored,    Vern


or thinking about retirement.

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5 minutes ago, Ray,IN said:

I think it was TechnoRV who wrote an April fools article a few years ago about his self-driving car. He programmed it to meet them in Jacksonville. The link is here somewhere, perhaps someone will remember better than me.

Technomadia is their name. https://www.technomadia.com/2019/04/faq-how-do-we-move-the-car-between-ports/

Linda Sand

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 We are bored with the desert. Without really going to the Phoenix area we have sorta run out of things todo.

  And today I never took of my insulated blue jeans. I am keeping track of how much fuel we are using for heat.

 So I have been working on that muzzleloader I started 40 years ago. Heck it’s antique and not even finished yet. I am making most of the parts by hand. I did buy a barrel back 40 years ago. 


   So now to make my old Jeep self driving. That may take some thinking beyond my capacity.



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  I would like it to follow the rv. So if I need a tool or anything in the (towed) or use it for its own purposes it would be with us.

 If it went to its destination then I would need to wait for it to return for what I wanted todo at that time.


 But one could have one meet you at your destination and one follow me. Or have a rental fleet for a business.


  Just thinking,   Vern

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Vern, Vern, Vern.......  You're getting close to making a case for having a house at each destination and taking the big bird back and forth.  That's just crazy talk.

I think you need a dual sport motorcycle to keep you busy.  And older one, already "experienced", so as to provide with some tinker time.  Whatcha say Noteven?

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i can see it now.


major 10 mile long traffic jam caused by too many self driving cars.

but as to having your car drive its self some place. what about fuel?

programed to follow you. 

ticket for tailgating?

accident caused by a fool trying to get on the fwy between you and your auto car?


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