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Rodent control

kristin HUghmanick

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Dryer sheets do NOT work!  We had dryer sheets all around our MH and a mouse collected a bunch and made a nice nest in a drawer out of them.  

I have no experience with the sonic repellers so keep us informed.

The way i am dealing with mice is to have baited traps in the main baggage compartment and check them weekly.

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 I’ve tried all of the above and none of them worked. What I do know that works is a good trap. I get them from Tractor Supply the ones in the link below.


“Happy Trails”


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4 hours ago, kristin HUghmanick said:

  I had 7 bags of fresh cab in the fifth wheel !

I assume you still have the Fifth Wheel. and I'm assuming you are referring to Mice and Raccoons.

Do slides seal tightly, a method is close all the window covering on a bright day. Then from the inside look for day light. Resolve the light entering if that is the case.

Next crawl under the RV with a can of expanding foam and fill every hole (if the hole are to big and  the rodents can pull the filling out use steel wool and window screen material}

Last get D-Con bait cubes, I use about 6, 2 each level

Good luck Clay

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There are so many routes mice can enter our units. Mostly finding gaps in the under-frame barrier of 1/4' (mouse skull sized) is all they need. Glue Boards, Dry sheets, Irish Spring, Sonic devises, etc do not work. When we store our unit we place several traps (unset!) with bacon or peanut butter as 'Monitoring' devices. IF mice enter and clean off food then we see it on our return. Then we 'set' the traps to catch them.  You do not want to be awakened in the middle of the night with a mouse screeching when stuck alive on a glue board. Am sharing some info from FTC about false claims on sonic devises. 

PS. Spent 20+ years in pest control before retiring.


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Thanks everyone for your great responses !!! We are newbies to all this and really appreciate the info.

My husband and I went out to storage yesterday and we caught a huge grey rat who was at least 15 inches from nose to tip of tail. I had set out a Victor Rat Zapper with peanut butter inside.  It electrocutes them quickly!  I ordered one more so I think the problem is solved for the time being.   THANKS AGAIN

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On 1/5/2020 at 10:35 AM, kristin HUghmanick said:

 We store in a country stoage area near a field but, we are on blacktop/gravel.

Like Kristin said, they in a country storage, like I also continue to do in the summer and fall for periods of time. I doubt my batteries would run 90 feet of lights 24/7 for an extended time.


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