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12 Volt water pump


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Hi, everyone, i hope someone on here has an answer for this one.


we have had a 2014 Winnebago Tour for 5 years now and the water pump has always work fine when boom docking. now this time when we left the RV park it just stop working while driving over to a other RV park. when we plug in to park power it worked again. so i went out and turn off the power and it stop working. i check the 12-volt breakers and they are all fine.


Has this happened to anyone else while RVing?

Also, everything else that is on 12 volts works fine when unplug.

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In most RVs the circuit breakers are for the 120V circuits and there are fuses that supply the 12V circuits. The fact that your pump will work if you are connected to shore power means that the fuses and circuit breakers are all fine, since the power gets to the equipment in exactly the same way no matter what is supplying it. What does change is that when you plug into shore power there is a converter that changes 120V-ac power into 12V-dc power and supplies 12V even if the battery is not charged. What is puzzling to me is that you say that everything supplied by 12V works whether connected to shore power or not, except for the water pump? 

 Have you attempted to run your furnace when not connected to shore power? Also, does the water pump work if the chassis engine is running? Do you have a volt/ohm meter to take some readings with? Is the coach battery still the one that came with the RV or has it been replaced? If it has not been replaced that is probably part of the problem because it would be uncommon for one to last for more than 5 years. If the battery has not been replaced, I strongly suggest that you take it to a battery shop and ask them to load test it for you as it very likely is at least part of your problem. 

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