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Virginia Civil War Battlefields


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I am in central FL for the winter and will be heading north sometime April/May. On my bucket list is to go to as many Civil War Battlefields as I can. I have been to Gettysburg several times in the past. Stopped at Vicksburg on my way to FL. I want to go to VA and see the battlefields there. Manssas, Appomattox Courthouse, Antietan, Harpers Ferry, Bull Run etc. What other ones should I visit? What campgrounds are in the area? I would like to camp at one spot for several days and take in as many as I can and then move to another campground for a few days and see the battlefields near by the new campground. 

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If you like history, there are several presidential homes in the state, starting with the most restored one of all, that of President Washington at Mt. Vernon. We have also visited several others that were very interesting.  This information and more is listed in Field Trip Guide to Presidential Homes.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, Virginia

George Washington’s Boyhood Home at Ferry Farm and Historic Kenmore
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson
Charlottesville, Virginia

Filled with new ideas about architecture after years abroad, Jefferson designed this beautiful example of Roman neoclassicism. Filled with Jefferson’s innovations, it is the only house in the U.S. on the United Nation’s World Heritage List of international treasures.

James Madison’s Montpelier
Montpelier Station, Virginia

Madison’s lifelong home, the house was built by Madison’s father and significantly enlarged by later owners. Madison is buried on the grounds of the estate.

Berkeley Plantation, Birthplace of William Henry Harrison
Charles City, Virginia

The birthplace of our ninth president, William Henry Harrison, and his father, Benjamin, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, this house is also the site of the country’s first Thanksgiving.


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So many choices along I-95. Cold Harbor, Petersburg, multiple battlefields surrounding Richmond, Chancelorsville and the Wilderness, Fredericksburg, Stonewall Jackson Shrine.

You can go up 301 and follow John Wilkes Booth escape route (in reverse if going north) including Dr. Mudd’s house and on into Washington to Fords Theater. 

There are many museums in Richmond including the White House of the Confereracy and the Confederate Museum. The Jackson Shrine can be a quick stop right off 95 and is well worth it. Manassas, where Jackson became a living legend,  is close to D.C.  

Appomatox is a bit out of the way but also worth the trip. You can follow Lee’s escape route from Petersburg. Don’t miss High Bridge near FarmVille. The living history presentations at Appomattox are very moving.

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you do know many civil war battlefields are known by 2 names.   IE: Bull Run is the northern name for the south's Manasass.   Shiloh in TN is southern name for Pittsburg Landing. Many more the same way. That could help you shorten your list but it will still be long.  Like was said they are not "war of Northern Aggression" sites but I liked Yorktown, James town and Colonial Williamsburg. A day or so each was good for me especially in summer with heat and humidity.

Citing War Of Northern Aggression designates me as being a southerner born and bred.🤨

I forgot to say I stayed 2 nights at Bull Run Campground on the way to DC area to volunteer in what ever year Hurricane Katrina happened as I recall it is a community campground of some type.  It was not busy at that time in the 1st week of March.  1 HEADS UP.  get your directions down pat and have decent amount of fuel in case you screw up.  I was pulling a 30ft TT and messed up and was sweating running out of fuel on a 2 lane as I could not find a place to turn around. I finally came out some where near Dulles airport where I was able to gas up and give it a second try which was successful.

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