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1970 Williams Craft RV on Ford Econoline 300 Body


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-Bridgewater, Virginia

-18-foot RV with 2 beds
- Built on 1970 Ford Econoline 300 body
- Kitchen with stove, oven, sink, and fridge/freezer
- Recently had $2,000 of work done
- No rust

This RV was bought from its original owner as a restoration project. I did a decent bit of work on it, but am at a point at which I do not have the time, money, or energy to wrap the project up. The body is clean, and the interior is in good shape, minus one mattress that could use a new cover. It does not currently run -- it is in need of a new gas tank, as well as weatherproofing and other odds and ends. Other things can be upgraded as desired. Mileage is unknown because the odometer only goes to the ten thousands -- original owner believed it was sitting right around 100,000. Currently reads 405. Some parts have been dismantled for restoration work, and are currently sitting inside the RV. Great project for someone with some mechanical know-how, someone looking to learn, or someone looking for something funky!

Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Carburetor (rebuilt)
Thermostat (plus housing)

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