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Looking for a Super C


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Have been Rv'ing for 16 years now..  and slowing down a bit :)  

Have started thinking about moving to another rig.. a non def diesel super c that preferably has a Freightliner M2 up front .  ..so it would have to be pre '08 or '09 ..

Not having much luck finding one..

Were they made then ?  Any idea where I can look ?





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There were some built much farther back than that as they began with the racing community to my knowledge. While I am sure that they have been some made since before the year 2000, finding used ones may be very difficult because they were not common and were built in pretty small numbers. The company Show Hauler began production in 2000, so there should be some of those around. By looking in RV Trader for ShowHauler, I was able to find several from prior to 2009. I believe that there were a few others even earlier than that, but I don't recall the brand names. 

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I was looking at Super "C"s before finding my HDT option. Glad I went the way I did. If I ever go to a single unit it would be with a Volvo cab with a flexible walk-through to Studio Sleeper about 32 ft in total length. Sort of like a Super C, but not quite. I'd have to think hard about if I wanted a slide out. If I did I think I'd want it at the back and not on the side. 



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