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Cordless Tool Batteries


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In the process of changing all my corded tools in the truck and trailer over to cordless with lithium battery.  My plan is to fully charge all the batteries before storage in the truck for the winter then recharge before first use.  Going to have about 8 batteries so don’t want to carry them home and leave on chargers.  Any problem leaving them off chargers for 4-5 months?

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The ideal storage charge for lithium batteries is 70%, not full.  Freezing batteries is fine, in fact that's a trick to revive bad ones.  They have reduced power capacity while cold, but are not harmed by cold at all.  Leave them anywhere.  They hate heat though.  Still, I store mine in the garage which can hit 110+ in summer and 40 in winter.  I've got some 2012 batteries still going strong, never stored indoors.


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I agree with Carlos. I have the same range of temperature he does, plus I drive through some really cold areas going back to Kansas in the winter.

I go on Amazon and order aftermarket Lithium batteries. Many times these are a 1/3 of the cost. I have read about them not lasting as long or catching on fire. I have several cordless tools. I put them under a lot of pressure. I have never had any problems or seen any shorter charges being held. I am happy with them. If you have 3 or 4 extras on reserve when doing a big job that pulls a lot of juice they are nice to have on hand. Storage is the same with these, I see no difference where I put them or how careful I try to be with them.

I may not know semi's but I do a lot of wood working and carpentry, even though I am a high school biology teacher.


Cory O

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I used to fully charge my cordless tool batteries for storage but since I got a new e-bike that sits most of the winter here I use the charging recommendation from the  e-bike for my cordless tools as well.

1.     Before storage make sure that the battery is not charged
more than 50% so that it will accept a periodic charge.
(You cannot periodically charge a fully charged battery)
2.     Once every month you must attach the supplied battery charger and charge for a period of no more than 15 minutes.
3.     Continue this procedure once a month until more frequent riding.
This process will make sure that your battery does not stay at a specific rate of charge for long periods of time.

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