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FCC sez carriers lie


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That is not however, the entire story. For instance, I have an AT&T tower 3 miles from my house, BUT, my house sits in a small valley surrounded by hills that are 200' higher than my house . I am lucky to get one bar so my cellular amplifier will have something to amplify.

The closest Verizon tower is 5 miles in the opposite direction, never any signal.

I finally upgraded our cell phones so I may connect to the cellular service via the internet, but must be within signal range of my router. I still cannot call DW (in house) while I'm out on the farm somewhere.:(

That IMO is not the result of any devious intent by cellular providers. This "dead spot" is less than a mile sq. and would not be visible on any  nationwide coverage map.

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1 hour ago, chirakawa said:

How does she know when to bring out the cold watermelon then?  You got one of those little can style air horns?

We still have the old dinner bell on a post in the yard, used it before cell  phones were invented.

DW said she's going to buy a dog training collar for me, and whenever she wants me she'll just push the button. This way even if I'm operating the tractor she can get my attention.:blink:

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