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Need Pros & Cons on Towing Newer Equinox

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I am looking to upgrade from my '06 Honda CR-V to a 2019 or 2020 Chevy Equinox PREMIER model. It will be towed behind a 24' Class C Sprinter 3500 chassis. Weight is close to my 4,000 lb hitch limit.

I remember earlier models having a shimmy issue.  Cause and fixes???  Comments welcomed.

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Thinking seriously of pulling the trigger on a 2020 Equinox LT. Upgrading from a reliable 2002 Honda CRV. The Honda is reliable and fine for short trips to the grocery store, laundry etc. But we're looking to combine my daily driver when home and our tow car into one more comfortable and safer vehicle. Would appreciate any feedback from Equinox owners who are towing. Is it easy to bring in and have modified for towing? Would you recommend that we move our 3 year old Delta Force (unit is actually new because it was replaced under warranty) brake over to the Equinox? I realize that we'll need a charge wire. Death wobble seems to have kind of died down as an issue. The CRV has provided reliable service for 17 years! (2nd owner). It is really hard to get rid of it!! But it really isn't that great for longer road trips when not in tow. It has newer tires and is obviously set up for towing and the inside brake. Will post it here for sale ($1,995) if this Equinox deal goes through. It's a great deal for someone who wants a cheap toad. We have 2 garage stalls at home and 3 cars now and by combining my daily driver and toad into 1 vehicle, we can get both our vehicles inside again.

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5 hours ago, ToddF said:

Thinking seriously of pulling the trigger on a 2020 Equinox LT. Upgrading from a reliable 2002 Honda CRV

I was very impressed with my test ride of the Equinox. Towable 4-down with comfortable seating front and back and all the bells and whistles of luxury SUVs.  Great sales right now!!!

On 11/18/2019 at 12:57 PM, Mark and Dale Bruss said:

Changed the power to the steering.  You do need to have a battery feed from the TV to the battery of the Equinox.


I expect to have the electrical connect plug from the RV.

Not sure what you mean about changing "the power to the steering".  I am looking at a late model with power steering.

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When we were looking at Toads, the Equinox was also on our list.  It may have changed, but only the 6 speed transmission could be towed a couple years ago.  Many newer toads now have switched to electronic steering vs hydrolic (in the past) powered steering.  Unfortunately, numerous toads with the electronic steering has experienced the shimmy issue.  Some worse than others.

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Inquired with neighbor (Tucson) yesterday upon check in saw his Equinox behind his RV. (2014). He pulls 1 fuse before travel and is very satisfied. (I don't know yet if pulling a fuse is going to be necessary on the 2020). No mention of death wobble (didn't ask). Everything I read online points me to the Equinox for 4 down towing. Am finding the fully equipped "LT" for about 26K + tax and license. Lots of car for the $. The 2020 Equinox gets a 5 star rating from NHTSA. Etrailer has a couple good videos on towing the Equinox. Camping World generally is very familiar with installation of base plates and wiring for toads and is who my neighbor used when he bought his. (I plan to use the following when I get my tow package installed).


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