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I found your site interesting but I also think that you will find not all experienced RV owners will agree with some of what you are telling visitors. That may not be a major problem but there are many other sites available so it is something to consider. I would be very careful about downgrading any RV manufacturer because of potential legal issues. Most RV reviews are careful not to compare directly to another brand but just rate the RV/model being discussed. 

The question that I have is how the site will generate significant income? There are many others with sites that are pretty much free to the visitors. You are getting into a busy market so it won't be easy but your site does look good. You could probably improve your site's popularity if you were to write for some RV magazines and get published there and that could supplement your income.

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Blogs have been devalued to the point of being a hobby, rather than a revenue source. I say that based on the number of sites giving away the same information you plan to  charge for. I would also be very careful about using pictures from the internet, without providing credit to the source. I have no proof, but several of your pictures I've seen around the web before. This opens up a future liability. Most of your coding works on mobile, but some of the writing is going vertical, beside the pictures. The letters themselves remain oriented correctly, but the words are hard to read.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I believed all the images were royalty free from sites like pixabay.com and canva.com, but I'll double check. (most were chosen by the web designer)

Regarding revenue, I'm not planning to charge a subscription or anything like that. Hopefully affiliate marketing and ad networks will provide enough revenue to keep the website online.

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Actually if the photo owner wants to pursue the matter much more than credit is required. If you don't acknowledge that the photo is copyrighted, and every singe photo is copyrighted the instant the shutter button is press, then you could fall under a Federal Law that grants high fines including attorney and court costs. And If heard of fines well over $50000. That last is the killer from your point of view since it means that attorneys are happy to take these cases since they know they will get paid.

You need to get prior written permission before using any shot. And some photographers use software that searches the net and will find every single use of their images. As you can tell I was a serious photographer and I wrote articles on copyright.

As for the blog, in my opinion you have zero chance of monetizing it the way you imagine. There are literally hundreds of blogs and probably almost as many vblogs about RVing. Some specializing in this sort of advice. And all free. The Escapees right here offers a large set of videos for members covering the same subject matter. Plus there are weekly newsletters packed with free info. Plus next month a weekly RV TV show is starting up. The market is flooded.

The only way to make a little money in a blog is to build up a large following and then you might be able to sell adverts. But so far as I know this is not a source of a lot of cash.

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