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Winterize outside faucet/spray hose?

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I'll be in freezing temps again this winter in North Texas. Last year I just followed common winterizing using the on-board pump and RV antifreeze but only ran it through the outside faucet on both the hot and cold side. Then I just flushed the rest of the system with fresh water. Plenty of antifreeze seemed to be in the outside faucet assembly when I went to use it this spring. The antifreeze didn't siphon back in either. 

I can access the outside faucet from underneath the bathroom sink stand. There are no separate shutoff valves but I guess I could add some. However I generally try to avoid gimping with something that's working well and not leaking. 

Just wondering what others have done with outside RV faucets?


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I also can access my outside shower water lines from under the bathroom sink so, in freezing weather, I leave that cabinet open so the warmth of the RV gets to the pipes.  On the outside, I put bubble wrap into the outside shower compartment to help insulate against the cold from the access door.

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We learned years ago, never been in an area where winterizing is necessary for stays.   Our wet bay (well really all of the basement) is heated when the furnace runs, so the only problem might be the hose.   If we are in an area when freezing weather is forecast, we just unhook the hose, put it away, and run on the fresh water tank.

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Freezing the tiny vacuum break atop the shower fixture is the weak spot. I added 2 stops, 2 tees, & 2 drain stops with drain tubes to the outside.

I isolate the shower, open the drains, & back blow from the hose with 60psi air. We've never frozen up (mid to lower 20's F)

I tried Watts 3 way Flairit valves but they failed to stop water getting to the shower fixture side.

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I've been using the Camco 25ft cold weather heated drinking water hose. Bought this to water my horses in the Wisconsin winter. It was -10F last night with -35 wind chill and the hose worked with no problem. It melts the snow around it, and sinks to the ground.

The hose has to cross a gravel drive so I do have to occasionally move it so it does not get run over and it is easy to move as well, not a frozen hunk of plastic as the hose it replaced was.

I am also able to keep it connected to the frost proof hydrant, previously I was removing the hose to prevent freezing.

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