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The Catwalk is fixed


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One of our favorite spots in New Mexico, the Catwalk National Trail is repaired and back in operation. This is a actual metal Catwalk built along the side of a canyon wall off Hwy US 180 about 60 miles north of Silver Springs. The walk is easy and leads you thru a cool narrow canyon up to an area of pools in the river, or actually more like a creek, with short falls. Good for a dip. We had visited several times and were planing another when the news reached use that flash floods in 2013 washed the catwalk away. I decided to check it's status tonight to find it has been rebuilt (for the third time) and has reopened.

Catwalk NFS site

Going north from Silver City or Deming? I urge you to check this place out. It's a short trip maybe an hour or two depending on whether you take a swim.

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