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Escapees Roadside assistance


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Information to pass on maybe it's old info I haven't been on for a while but may clear up important issues. I called to renew my Escapees Safe Ride assistance and learned I had the wrong registered vehicle. A year ago when asked to provide registration number from my RV I gave my tow vehicle registration number (Dodge Ram) wrong, my 5th wheel is the RV registration they need. As I understand the Dodge Ram or any other vehicle in the house hold is automatically covered. Wow she said it was good I didn't need their services, the trailer towing would not have been included. So if you pull a trailer according to Safe Ride it's your RV. Of course Motor Home wither class A or down to class B's will have their own registration ID.

Maybe this issue has already been made clear but when I purchase my insurance I applied online and really didn't talk to anyone to ask question. That was my mistake anyway very lucky I didn't need their services for a year. I hope this information is helpful to others, for reviewing their actual services I have not yet the experience, knock on wood it will go as nice as our conversation on the phone.

My bride for 48 years says there is still hope, safe travel Y'al



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If you are referring to the VIN that they as for, yes is is the one for your RV. [Primary Covered Vehicle(RV)] It is good that you got it resolved. With a trailer, the service also covers any tow vehicle which for us is a good thing as we have 2 of them and you do not have to be towing to use the service. 

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