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Preferred RV Resort membership Pahrump - wanted/ FOUND

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Thanks - no longer looking!

I may be interested in a re-sale membership for Preferred RV Resort in Pahrump, Nevada.

My location at this time has spotty internet (usually none) and no phone, but I should be back into range on Friday (August 16th).

If you have a membership to sell or know someone who does,  please send me a note/private message and  I'll answer as soon as possible, then we can

exchange phone numbers and discuss.  Thanks!

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Bryce - I just saw someone had a membership for sale....I'll see if I can find it again (can't remember where!!) and send you a link.

**edit**  The item I saw was in a message from the Preferred Manager to the members, so I sent him a note and asked if he'd send this link to the person looking to sell.  Best I can do - hope it helps!

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Hi Bryce - I sent the message dirtyboots is talking about. My Preferred RV membership is for sale. $2,600.00 and you pay the transfer fee. Includes all member "free" days for 2022, as none have been used. If still interested email me at ksny@me.com

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