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Old Dog-New Trick


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I finally found a glass shop willing to track down a persistent water leak that would drip down the drivers side curtain channel after a heavy rain. I had tried hosing and other means to find it and couldn’t. Truck is Volvo 780 with skylight which I and other forum member thought might be the source. Turns out the source was the two channels on the roof that I thought (and was told)  were just dimples in a one piece roof.  Apparently those may be rolled seams of three separate  panels.  Also apparently these seams require periodic resealing with polyurethane. I hadn’t done that and I had cracks and even couple of holes that were repaired. Learning something new every day.  Might check yours if older Volvo. 

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2 hours ago, Parrformance said:

May also want to seal these same seams under the fairings at the back of the cab.  I resealed the seams and a year later a new leak began, I traced it to the driver side fairing below the joint where it meets the upper fairing.  Only leaked during very heavy Florida tropical downpours.

Thanks. Will do. 

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