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Best Way to Sell Fulltimer Package

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Post it on every site you can think of.  I used RVTrader ... RVT.com ... Craigslist ... Facebook MarketPlace ... Ebay. 

Ultimately the serious buyers came from RVtrader.  It is the largest and most expensive to advertise.  That gives the serious buyer peace of mind knowing that the seller isn't a scam, since you have to pay $$$ to advertise.  Most of the stupid questions and ridiculously low offers came from the free sites.

From placing the 1st ad, to a serious deposit took approx a month, May 2019.  

Good Luck !

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All great advice! The Escapees forum almost certainly has the highest percentage of full-timers so very productive to list here. Not sure, but lots of people have been happy with PPL. Might be worth a call to see how they would market a truck+trailer deal. If you have to split up the combo, the MD trucks are very popular with horse folks to pull big gooseneck trailers. 

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Go to https://www.blogger.com/   and create a Blog to enter your description, details and lots of photos and put that link into any ad or Craigslist posting.  

Make the rig clean, clean, clean.  If you don't want to or can't do the intense work of cleaning and polishing hire the work out.  For the inside, hire a house cleaning service that will work under your guidance for whatever number of hours it takes to clean the inside.  This may take 8-20 hours of labor, but it is well worth it.  Use a mobile RV exterior detail service to do the outside. 

Be sure to price it realistically.  Go to NADA and price it no higher than average retail.  Or if you are pricing higher than NADA then explain in detail why it is worth more than NADA.   Also compare your price to what you find on all the websites others suggested.  Keep in mind these are "asking" prices, NOT what they eventually sell for.  Lots of people over price their stuff and then wonder why no one is interested.  Then after 6 months or many more months the finally drop their price. 

Special installed options are not worth much UNLESS the buyer wants those options.  

The biggest problem IMO, is getting your RV and tow vehicle to the attention of someone who wants to buy what you have and is in your part of the country or interested enough to travel to see your product.  

Keep in mind, any knowledgeable buyer will want to know the age of the tires (DOT date code on the tires).  If the tires are more than 5 years old, no matter how good they look, they are aging out.  Then the buyer will want to discount the price of new tires.  Since this is a truck and trailer, you are talking about 10-12 tires. 

If you don't want the hassle of selling the trailer, consider PPL Motorhome in Houston/San Antonio/Dallas. They charge 10% of the sale price but they have lots of exposure and take care of all the selling.  They don't give out the sellers name so you won't be answering any questions or selling paper work.  

No suggestions for the selling of the truck.  

Here are two websites I created for selling of 2 of my RV's over the last 9 years:




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What Al said is key.  The biggest barrier to sales are:

  1. Not pricing it realistically. Use the info available and get real about the price. You won't get what have into it. Anything above NADA is a non-starter. Options are worth nothing, in general and do not really contribute to pricing.
  2. Make sure things are in working order. Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than stuff not working, or maintenance that has been ignored.
  3. You MUST have lots of pictures showing everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Not 10-20 pictures, but 50-100.
  4. If you have something special on the rig, showcase it. Like solar, advanced electrical systems, etc.
  5. Video helps a great deal.
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3 hours ago, oldbutspry said:

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the necessity of monitoring and replying to any ads you create.  😃

I send a private message to TravelinBob to try to get him to come back to his thread. Seems like he just forgot about it. 

Seems about par for the "For Sale" section.

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1 hour ago, travelinbob said:

As the OP I want to thank all those that gave useful info to my post. And to the others that think I should post the way they want they can stick it, see I'm old but spry too.


I sure didn't see anything in the posts to get really upset about.  

It takes "work" so sell something like a RV.  Usually folks are not beating down someone's door to buy.  

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On 7/12/2019 at 5:53 AM, travelinbob said:

As the OP I want to thank all those that gave useful info to my post. And to the others that think I should post the way they want they can stick it, see I'm old but spry too.

Sorry my response upset you so much - I included a smilie to indicate my jovial intent.  I had asked the question about location because I was genuinely interested in your 5th wheel.  After 9 days of no response, it seemed reasonable to conclude your advertisement had slipped your mind.  It seems to happen on a number of ads in the for sale section.

Anyway, I researched further and after reading about the dogs I am no longer interested.  Thanks.

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